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Thursday, December 23, 2010


The blurb below is from Paul Thorn's FB page.  He is not only one of Mississippi's best singer/song writer/performer, but his wit and wisdom is great.

Well my $19 dollar walmart charcoal grill has breathed its last breath, the tray that catches all the ashes rusted out about a month ago, and i put an old skillet under it to catch all the droppings but now the whole grill is falling apart as a result of more rust, i went back to walmart today and upgraded to a grill that cost $40. its a lot more fancy than that other one i bought back in 08. i almost felt guilty walking through the store with my high dollar purchase sitting front and center in that buggy, while most other folks still have to use the $19 type grill that i once used back before i hit the big time.

I dont mean to further rub my success in peoples faces but i even bought the high dollar charcoal, the kind that dont need charcoal lighter fluid. its called ''match lite''. i will save the bag to remind me of how far ive come, i am trying to stay humble but its hard when you have the world by the tail. please pray for me so that i can keep my feet on the ground and not become arrogant as a result of my success.